About Us

Patrick Rodriguez, Energy Healer

I've been passionate about various forms of healing for over 20 years. And when I started using Energy Healing I was amazed at how it all began to come together and make sense.

When I started using these methods, once only known to Shamans and Medicine Men, I started to know how unique and resourceful we really are.

At times I'm called a Spiritual Healer, an Emotional Healer, a Coach or just someone that's able to help.

Energy healing is the direct guidance of Life-Force from one person to another.  This is a gift that we all share.

My own unique ability is being able to find the underlying energies that hold emotions, and often physical ailments in place.  

Together, we direct this Life-Force of Love and Acceptance to the areas of past hurts and traumas to release the stuck energies and free the mind, body and spirit in ways that can sometimes only be described as miraculous.

If you're ready to release old hurts and pains of your past I invite you to contact me and let's take this journey together.

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