Healing Testimonials

Testimonials of what past clients have had to say about working with Patrick Rodriguez.


Hi Patrick,

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with just our very first session. I’ve been working on self improvement for many years now and have dealt with 3 counselors/therapists. All 3 therapists produced nothing – no insights, no new perspectives, no new directions.

I was amazed that within one session you hit upon an issue that I had been dancing around for many years and never directly addressed. This opened whole new doors for me and how I approach the world. Your techniques produced rapid turn around on emotional release which I had never been exposed to before.

Your unique approach addresses root emotional issues instead of focusing on symptoms. I fully understand how this approach can release people from various addictions and self impacting habits that hide their true emotional roots.

I truly thank you very much for your efforts and my successes to date…..look forward to continuing to work with you as do my friends –


Sylvia P.


Hi Patrick,

Thank you for sharing your process with me, it's helping me with my own process of figuring out what I want to do. 
Now, getting back to what you do incredibly well, I've found that most therapists are not able to fully let you feel what you're feeling. Many even subvert that process.  I once worked with a very well-credentialed therapist who had a PhD and an extensive background in therapy.  Every time I'd get a little teary, she'd abruptly disrupt the process. She claimed that I was "wallowing." I was not wallowing, I'd just begun to feel whatever feeling had come up! 

You appear to be able to handle the emotions that come up. You don't feel a need to subvert the process. When you were working with me, there were many times when I would've given up on my own -- too difficult or too boring. But by forcing me to stay with my emotions, you enabled me to get into a deeper place from which healing can transpire. I don't think that anyone has given me the freedom or the encouragement to really feel my feelings. I think this is a tremendous gift, one which so few practitioners offer. I think it's because they're uncomfortable with their own feelings. But I think that it's thru our emotions that we can heal. 

When we're working together, I find myself bracing for the moment when you're going to say, "Okay, that's enough, stop now." Or somehow -- like so many therapists, including my former therapist who did help me -- arguing against my feelings or trying somehow to make me feel better. The drawback to that approach is that it provides only a temporary fix and fails to get to the root of the problem. In fact, I think it's damaging. 

So I'm grateful to you for the work you're doing with me. Just having the freedom to feel is so tremendously freeing. 

Thank you again for your help. Have a good rest of the week. 


Cheryl C.


I am a high caliber real estate professional in Miami. For a long time I was struggling and I knew that the current state of the Real Estate market was not the only thing affecting me. 

I was allowing a negative mind state and negative feelings and emotions affect what I knew in my mind I was capable of accomplishing. After a particularly rough month in which I thought things had turned around, only for everything to blow up in my face, I was crushed, ready to give up and walk away from what I love. I was desperate, extremely confused and depressed  I needed to talk to someone but all the people I turned to did not understand so my negative feelings lingered. 

After a few short sessions with Patrick I feel like myself again. I would have never thought that a complete stranger could have such a profound affect on my life. 

I strongly encourage anyone who wants to maximize their enjoyment of life to call.

Andres G.


I met Patrick when I was being consumed by a deep depression, product of the manipulations that a coworker exerted on me, with the only purpose to keep me tied down.

Just one meeting with Patrick was enough to open my eyes, get my strength and my self-esteem back and confront my fears created by this person's bad influence on me.

That day I gave vent to my repressed feelings and emotions and took out all my frustrations. I even learned to accept situations what we cannot change.

Thank you Patrick!



Hi Patrick,
On the Monday morning after the "play," I woke up and felt as if an enormous block, that had been around my heart and lodged for a long time in my chest ...... was gone. It was like I was in a new world.

All week, while at the conference, I had been doing a few different things to move beyond my marriage/divorce/relationship with my husband, but until you worked/played with me, no great shift had occurred. I was ready, I believe, for the shift. I can't thank you enough for making it possible. 
So many thanks to you and all good thoughts,



I wanted to thank you for helping me uncover and release the blocks that were preventing me from taking the steps required for me to advance along my path of becoming a successful writer. After a few sessions with you, I was brave enough to enroll in a creative writing class at the local college. I am currently attending the advanced level course! This would not have been possible without your help. Thank you!

(And from a later email)

Look at me today. I have written numerous stories and actually enjoy the process. With each story that I complete, the intensity of my resisting issues diminishes.
I just wanted to say thanks!!!

Ray G.


Patrick made me see myself and my business in a new way.

He kept saying that I should go for a 70.00 massage.  I said before that I do not want to pay that much for massage. But what I was actually saying to myself was that I was not worth that much myself.  Wow!!!! 

I think I give too much and think I'm not worth much, when really I am.  I work hard, I give too much away and don't charge a lot of the times.  So here and there 5 to 10 dollar give-always add up.  By the end of the month I loose up to 200 dollars.  Calculate that at the end of the year it adds up to a couple of thousand dollars.  That's money I could be using.

I feel elated.  From this day on I charge for everything.  New day new business.  Thanks Patrick. 

I guess I needed a simple statement to ponder later on that would change my way of doing things.  When I'm working it's business.  When I'm not it's life!!! WOW!!!!! 

I'm fully booked today and I'm gonna charge any little things that I do.  I'll see how much extra that I could make.  Will update.

Sandra J.


Hi Patrick

You have help me so much today.

Today's experience opens new doors.

Thank You.

David W.


Thanks Patrick! Really enjoyed the session last night. Thanks for the insight [about attaining your goal easily in a fun way...]. Came to the realization that the goal I was working on was a 'should-do' instead of an 'I want to'... [And to clarify--it's other people's/society's 'should', not my own.]
Thank you for that 'fuzzy' feeling last night, and for the shift... 
Sandra K.


To schedule your session please visit my Personal Sessions page. I look forward to working with you soon.

Patrick Rodriguez 

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